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Wendy Scott, MSD

"A goal without a plan, is just a wish." 

    I am often asked, "how did you become a closet designer?" 

In 2005, I started working for a kitchen company. About one week in, the closet designer for their sub-company left and I was asked if I wanted to try it. The rest, they say, is "history".

    I learned the basics of closet design while working for Clinton Closet Company for 2 years. During the next 10 years I was able to grow in my field while being the lead designer for Sophisticated Storage Solutions. After a short time working with DCS Closets and Storage Systems, a division of Direct Cabinet Sales, I was afforded the opportunity to open up Boutique Closets and Cabinetry, with closet twin. 

    As a member of the  Association of Closet & Storage Professionals (ACSP), I continuously work on advancing my education and subject knowledge. Patty and I have worked hard to become the first closet designers in the state to receive the highest level of certification, Master Storage Designer.  I am a past president of the ACSP from 2019-2020, a presidential advisor from 2020-2024, and the former Director of  Education for the ACSP.

Patty Miller, MSD

"Custom organization helps to de-clutter your space, your mind, your life. "

     Throughout my life, nothing has made me more crazy than seeing unorganized space filled with clutter. This is most likely what led to my passion for Closet and Cabinetry design. 

     Shortly after graduating from Kean University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design, I founded Patricia Miller Interiors. Having my company based in North Jersey, I began looking for ways to expand further south. This being the early 90's there was no "Social Media" to aid in my quest. 

    While taking part time employment with The Closet Factory, I was introduced to new territories and most importantly.....Closet Design! This is where I found my love for closets. 

    In 2017, I was offered a full time position at Direct Cabinet Sales. My roll was Manager and lead designer for their closet division. It was here where I expanded my knowledge in the luxury closet market. 

    By stroke of luck, I met Wendy at a conference in Chicago! It was an "everything happens for a reason moment". We knew we were meant to work together. After teaming up at DCS for a year, we founded Boutique Closets and Cabinetry


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