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"Patty goes the extra mile to make sure your space is used to the max as well as looking beautiful."

"Thanks to her talent and vision, our closet now looks twice the size it did when it was just the builder special."

"She has an amazing sense of style and her ideas for my closet fit well with my needs."

"She has so many ideas, even my husband was happy!"

"A pleasure to work with and full of fun ideas."

"Why did we wait so long?"

"I feel like I am in a department store."

"Our closets in our home are our favorite feature now."

"Patty doesn't stop thinking of your project when she leaves you."

"She has a keen eye for detail and makes sure my clients are happy."

"A true professional and great at what she does."

"I love my closet!!!"

"Everything is much more organized."

"Wendy designed a closet for me and it has been life changing."

"Thank you for getting my life back in order."

"You make closets beautiful!"

"It's better than a vacation, because we look at it every day."

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